Events & Programs

Art at Work

MABCA will help your business obtain local artwork for your place of business by partnering with local artists to display their works.

Consulting Services

Consulting services provide a direct resource to businesses interested in incorporating the arts into specific projects and areas such as marketing, employee activities, and public relations. Consulting is also provided for arts groups to assist them in modifying proposals, packaging new programs, and approaching companies for support.

Educational Programs

“Sneak Peeks” take members behind the scenes of local arts organizations in order to increase their education and support of the arts.


When appropriate, press releases are generated by the MABCA to spotlight specific business support of the arts in additional media sources.

Public Art Initiative

MABCA serves as an integral partner with the City of Montgomery's Public Art Commission and its important work to foster, create, develop and collaborate with business, artistic and community leaders regarding bringing public art to Montgomery.

Recognition Programs

Each year, the Business in the Arts Awards recognizes outstanding and innovative business support of the arts during the previous year. Through the awards program, the MABCA informs the community of the contributions businesses make to the arts. Click here for 2017 Business in the Arts Awards.

Seminars and Workshops

Annual workshops and/or seminars are held for local businesses and arts organizations of all sizes to promote current topics of interest, encourage local support and foster partnerships between the two groups.